Why My Laptop Is Slow Suddenly? Best ways to boot USA 2021?

Why My Laptop Is Slow Suddenly?:

Every laptop owner has to suffer the painful question of why my laptop is slow suddenly?. And how to boost its speed?. There is not a single specific reason for the slowing of the machine. Here We will describe some of them.

Laptop and other electric equipment become slows down after some time. This is a very common problem. And sometimes it may irritate a lot. Some of the important and common reasons which make you think that why my laptop is slow suddenly?

Reasons And Solutions For Slower Laptop Speed?

Why My Laptop Is Slow Suddenly

Older Models Of Laptops:

Older laptops don’t have enough power to perform the sophisticated function of modern days notebooks and computers. They also have an older operating system with a smaller memory Ram. They also have smaller and manual disk drives. These all factors directly affect the speed of your laptop and computer.

The best option to improve the speed of your laptop is to change its model and buy or exchange it with a newer laptop.

Operating System:

As described above, an older operating system is a big factor in the speed of a laptop. Old operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and other older operating systems are very slow and have less security and other features than Windows 10. (and now Windows 11 is now in the market, which is the fastest of them all. and it will help you in resolving the problem of why my laptop is slow suddenly?

Some people also tend to install newer versions of operating systems on older models of laptops and computers. While doing this, they ignore the required disk space, Memory Ram, and processing power of the computer. These all affect the speed of your laptop, and it becomes slow.

To avoid this problem, the best option is to always check the specification of every operating system with its manufacturer before installing it on your laptop.

It is always recommended to enhance your laptop‘s Ram. a minimum of 8 Gb of RAM is recommended to work with Windows 8. For Windows 10, you can further improve it. But you must also check that your laptop‘s motherboard and processors have enough power to increase this much RAM.

If these are not compatible with this enhancement, don’t install a newer version of the operating system on your laptop.

Corrupt Operating System:

Sometimes a corrupt operating system doesn’t fully stop its function. But it becomes very slow. This corrupt operating system is also a big reason for the laptop‘s slower speed. Your computer may open and runs the programs in this state, but it takes ages to do so. And left you wondering what the heck is going on.

The simplest way to fix this problem is to reinstall Windows on your laptop. This will take about half an hour but will save plenty of your time and energy in the future. and you will happily able to answer the problem of why my laptop is slow suddenly?

Temporary Internet Files:

While browsing the internet, many temporary files are stored in your browsing history, causing your laptop to run slow. To avoid this problem, windows disk cleanup is recommended. Or you can use different programs and software to clean these temporary internet files and registry clean up.

Smaller Ram:

RAM is one of the most important parts of your laptop, which directly affects your laptop speed. Suppose your computer is using smaller Ram such as; 4 Gb, Or 6Gb. Then opening different programs at the same time can affect the rate of your laptop.

Now a lot of bigger RAMs such as; 8GB, 12 Gb and faster are available in the market, which can easily be installed and enhance the speed of your laptop. After buying RAM, you can easily install it on your computer with the help of Youtube Videos. and then happily enjoy the solution of why my laptop is slow suddenly?

Manual Hard Drive:

A manual hard drive is also a big reason for slowing your laptop. Manual hard drives are getting outdated. Now a newer kind of Solid State Drive or simply SSD hard drives are available in the market. These Hard drives are very fast in speed and help increase your laptop‘s performance and overall rate. If you have a large hard disk, it will also slow down your computer .

Order a new large SSD drive alongside a large ram and install it with the help of Youtube Videos. and enjoy a faster working experience on your computer.

Startup Programs:

Startup programs are the software and programs that automatically start when you power on your laptop. If you have installed a lot of programs, then they will reduce the speed of your computer. And affect its performance.

The best way to enhance the speed of your laptop is to minimize the startup programs of your computer. To do so, you can visit the taskbar and select the taskbar manager section on your computer and eliminate all unnecessary tasks.

Another important task is to eliminate all of the programs running in the background. Opening multiple windows and programs can make your computer slow.

These actions will increase the performance and speed of your laptop quite significantly. and you will be enjoying the solution of a big problem of why my laptop is slow suddenly?

Heavy Graphics and Professional Software:

Some people use very heavy graphics and heavy software such as; Adobe Photoshop, Corel draw, and other professional software, which are quite heavy and consume many laptop resources. The same thing can be said about a gaming laptop. Because to play a game, you need some heavy softwares This puts extra unnecessary work pressure on your laptop, causing it to overheat and reduce its performance.

To avoid the situation, you must remove all unused or unnecessary software from your laptop and also make sure that you have a heavy duty graphics card. It will help reduce the load from RAM, Processor, and hard drive resulting in better work experience. and it will save you from a harsh question of why my laptop is slow suddenly?

Other reasons:

There are some other factors as well which are involved in the slow performance of your laptop or computer such as heavy antivirus software, large size junk files, slow cpu, unproper SSD partition, long time unused apps, not properly installed windows update, malware, hdd instead of ssd, not enough memory, and weak gpu.


A slow laptop and a slow computer are always irritating for any professional person. And a lot of persons Ask that Why my laptop is slow suddenly?. I hope after reading this article, you will get a clear answer to this question. After taking appropriate actions, you can be able to enjoy the best speed of your dreams.

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