Best Reasons That Why Are Laptops Important? Pros and Cons Usa 2021

Why Are Laptops Important?:

Why are laptops important? It is an important question that is not hard to answer. After the technological advancements in our lives, laptops and computers are the most important tools for humans, and any educated person can not deny that truth. But before discussing the advantage and disadvantages of these, you must know what is a laptop is and how does it affect our life?

What Is A Laptop? And Why Are Laptops Important:

why laptops are important


According to Wikipedia, A laptop or a notebook is a personal computer, except it has a battery and it can be used as a portable machine, and is smaller in size.

Laptops have given more power to their users after they provide internet access and email facilities. And most importantly, laptops let users browse, read, write, and access the internet. Today, if you want to do your research online, it is easier for you to do so.

As laptops are the most powerful and economical tools for an educated person. So, you can do your research without worrying about the cost of the expensive tools. With laptops, you can get any desired tools easily by using online shopping portals.

You can buy from the US and UK just by using your debit/credit card. Laptops provide the largest amount of internet connection that you can get. Nowadays, you can connect on your phone, use the internet, and use most banking facilities.

Why Are Laptops Important In Our Life?:

Do some people want to ask that why are laptops important in our lives?. Laptops are more accessible to people in all sections of society. They are easily available in almost all locations of our lives. They are also useful for non-educated people. With the help of the laptop, students can learn new things and carry out assignments.

Now a lot of students of schools, colleges, and universities are using laptops even in their classes. Which helps them to get the required information at their fingertips.

When schools, colleges, and universities were closed in the pandemic period, laptops were the only source of education and examination even in third-world countries.

Laptops are very useful for any work that requires a lot of attention, keeping the work insight. Accessibility In today’s times, anyone can access the internet. People can even access the internet via mobile phones and laptops.

A lot of applications are now available online and people can access them with the help of a laptop. Laptops can be accessed anywhere and by anyone. They can also be used to surf the net, do some online shopping and watch videos.

Every product has its own pros and cons. We can have look at both in the below lines.

The Advantages Of Laptops and Why Are Laptops Important?:

Laptops have become a staple in our lives, but some people think that it should be true as just a device for productivity. They are fast, lightweight, durable, and portable. These are easy to use and function with almost no input errors. Here are some of the benefits of having a laptop. and after reading these lines you will be able to analyze that why are laptops important?


Every laptop comes with a battery. Which makes it easy to carry this compact-sized and lightweight computer to anyplace, and anywhere single-handedly. You can use it anywhere whether it is a park, library, class, bus or train. You just need to charge the battery of your laptop and use it wherever you want.

Whereas a desktop computer can not be easily moved and used from its stationary position. and you may have to make a lot of alterations to do so.


Every desktop must be placed in its proper position and it may need a lot of space to be placed and use. Whereas laptop doesn’t,t have any space problem. You can use it in your lap, or on your chest(while laying), or on a desk, or anywhere.

Single Unit:

Every laptop is a single unit and comes with its own screen, keyboard, mouse, and all other necessary equipment. You can add all of these according to your wish or requirement. But these are not mandatory for a laptop.

Whereas you must have to add a mouse, screen, cables, and other attachments to make a desktop computer ready for use.

Office Presentation:

Laptops are also very popular due to their offline presentations. Rather you are a student, businessman, teacher, or employee, a laptop can make it easy to present and share your work at your school, college, university, office, or in a business meeting. You just need to carry and connect it with a projector at your desired location.

Meanwhile, while using a desktop it is not possible. As you can not easily move that computer.

Wi-fi connectivity At any Given Place:

You can connect your laptop at any desired or required place. It can be an airport, office, restaurant, cafe, class, or wherever you want. You just need to connect it with an internet connection and start using it.

Whereas, for a desktop, you can only connect it with your stationary internet connection. Freedom of mobility of a desktop is out of the question.

Disadvantages Of Laptops:

Here are some of the disadvantages of laptops and notebooks.


Desktop‘s parts are pretty strong to use. The chances of breaking their parts are very rare due to their stationary positions. They are also very large in size, so they can easily be upgraded. You can easily enhance their hard drive, motherboard, RAM, or other parts.

Whereas laptops are very compact and fragile to use. They have very sensitive parts. Which can easily be out of order. Breaking of the screen, or motherboard, and hard drive problems are common issues with laptops. They also have very limited space inside. So laptops upgrading is pretty difficult or next to impossible.

So, after comparing both, you can easily say that desktops are more durable than laptops.

Unstable Power Resource:

Laptops are normally run on battery. Which reduces its power storage capacity after some time. and then it becomes a very unstable source of power as compared to a desktop.

Desktops use a direct power supply and they also don’t have any battery function. So they use a pretty stable source of energy.

What are the features of a good laptop?

Modern laptops come in different types and for different purposes such as a gaming laptop, casual laptop etc. A good laptop must have large laptop screen, a faster processor such as intel core i or i7, large SSD storage, graphics card, and a long laptop battery. If you buying a new laptop for gaming purpose, make sure that it has a large graphics card, a good operating system and large memory as well as a long battery life. Also it`s screen size should be atleast inch or more. It must also has a backlit keyboard.


In the era of science and technology, computer and laptops are the most important tool for humans. and most people know that why are laptops important? and why are Humans using them in every walk of life important works from both of these tools?

Both have a lot of merits and demerits. But after comparing both we can easily judge that why are laptops important in our lives.?

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