What Causes Your Laptop To Overheat? Best Tips USA 2021

What Causes Your Laptop To Overheat?

Reasons for your laptop overheat? This is a question every laptop user has to face. Overheating the laptop will not only slow down your laptop but can cause permanent damage to it.

I also faced the same problem last year, while using my hp 8760w workstation laptop.

It was a fine laptop equipped with an i7 processor and gaming/graphic cards. I was quite enjoying using it. But it suddenly started to overheat and then suddenly shut down. I started to find solutions and then realized that fixing laptops is not a big problem.

But if you do not take care of this problem, you might not only lose your work, but it also can disturb your laptop‘s life too, and your laptop can be permanently damaged.

Here are the reasons for your laptop to overheat?

1. Checking your exhaust vents:

Checking your exhaust vents
Checking your exhaust vents


Every laptop and pc has an exhaust air vent in it to remove heat from its system by passing air. These vents might be at the sides of the back of your machine. The basic functions of these air vents are to solve the heating problem of your computer and laptop. and save internal components from excessive heat caused by a hot laptop.

These vents make sure of adequate airflow and prevent all kinds of laptop issue caused by excess heat.

After some time, these vents might be filled with dust, causing insufficient airflow, resulting in overheating.

The laptop cooler can also cause exhaust vent blockage. so you must also check them regularly to avoid computer overheating.

You must also check your laptop‘s fan. It is the most important part of a laptop cooling system. You must check fan speed for proper working, and providing cool air, and maintaining proper air flow & air circulation to prevent overheating computer.

The best option for this is to clean this dust, with a small brush or can use an air blower to remove this blockage from these vents every week. This will help cool down your laptop and pc, and will also prolong your laptop‘s service time, saving you a good amount of money.

2. Room Temperature:

If you are using your laptop in hot climatic or room conditions. Your laptop might also overheat due to the temperature of the surroundings, where you are using it.

The best possible solution for it is to controlling, and decreasing your room temperature to enjoy a cool room temperature for your gaming laptop and pc.

3. Model of your computer:

The model and age of your laptop will also play an important role in increasing the overheating problem of your laptop. As laptops and other computer devices might get slower and overheat due to their age.

A possible solution for this is to upgrade your system, by adding ram or replacing the old processor, so its speed might enhance. it might solve your overheating laptop.

4. Closing and removing unnecessary programs:

Opening unnecessary programs on your laptop might cause it to slow down, and overheat. So it is recommended to close and remove all your unused windows and programs to reduce the processes making it easy for your laptop‘s processor.

5. Check your Laptops cooling fan regularly:

What Causes Your Laptop To Overheat?
Check your Laptops cooling fan regularly

Every laptop has a cooling fan to decrease overheating. Sometimes due to wear & tear or dust problems, its speed decreases or it stops working. Check it every week to ensure that it is working properly.

Service from an authorized dealer regularly might decrease this problem, resulting in better temperature.

6. Using a cooling pad:

The fashion of using cooling pads for laptops is not new. It helps cool down your laptop. But due to this extra throw of air, laptops fan get dirty very soon. and this will decrease its speed.

Best solution for this is to clean your laptop fan on weekly basis.

7. Placing Laptop into lap:

Placing the laptop in your lap, while using it, might close air vents, and weakens the airflow from the laptop fan, causing it to overheat.

Best possible solution for it is to place it on a desk or laptop stand. So the airflow of your laptop might increase and it will decrease its temperature.

8. Installing new hardware or software:

To upgrade your laptop, some people install extra hardware or software. This can cause you to slow down and overheat your system.

To prevent this you must check your laptop‘s software or hardware compatibility. and don’t install unnecessary hardware or software.

9. Degenerate Thermal grease:

Thermal paste is placed to decrease the CPU temperature. If this thermal grease degenerates. The temperature of your laptop might increase.

To avoid this proper servicing is advised.

10. Overcharging of Battery:

Laptop battery plays an important role in laptop overheating. If you don’t remove the charger after charging. this can cause an overload on your laptop‘s processor and hard drive. and can increase its temperature.

Bottom Line:

The laptop overheating issue is a common problem. Which can damage your computer, if laptop owners don’t take it seriously.

Above mentioned What Causes Your Laptop To Overheat tips will help you solve these problems. and might increase the age and performance of your laptop. Installing a Laptop cooling pad may decrease your laptop heating problems.

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