Best Ways How To Increase The Battery Life of Your Laptop USA 2021

How To Increase The Battery Life of Your Laptop:

Increase the battery life of your laptop is the major problem for laptop owners. Thank God for the performance of the modern laptops which are far better than the older ones. Now some laptops such as chrome Books and some others have battery life for about 8-12 hours.

But sometimes you can find it very hard and irritating when your battery life doesn’t last according to the manufacturer’s recommended timing.

Charging it, again and again, is the worst situation. Especially in the era of the corona pandemic where everyone is bound to their houses and finding too many charging plugs, is not an easy task.

Many factors are affecting the battery life of your laptop. If you try to overcome or at least reduce them, You can easily expand the battery life of your laptop.

1. Change screen brightness

The laptop screen is the most power-consuming part of any laptop. Modern laptop screens consume too much energy due to their higher brightness and resolution. One of the best ways to increase the battery life of your laptop is to reduce the screen brightness of your laptop. The lower is your screen brightness, the higher will be your laptop‘s battery life.

You can easily decrease your screen brightness in windows 10 by using these.

  • Go to the action center by clicking the notification icon on the right side of your taskbar.
  • Find the brightness icon and then click it and adjust it to the possible minimum screen brightness.
  • You can also use adaptive brightness in a windows laptop to improve your battery setting. It will also help you in reducing your battery usage.

This method will significantly increase the battery life of your computer.

2. Customize power plan settings:

Customize power plan setting

This is windows feature to help increase your laptop battery life. It will not only decrease the consumption of your laptop‘s battery but also shift your laptop to minimum performance which will not affect your laptop‘s performance but your laptop will consume it more efficiently and ask you to close all unused windows and programs. You can use power setting tool in control panel to activate the sleep mode so that your laptop will be put to sleep when not in use. This will work as a power saver and will stop you battery fro drainage.

You can also use power saver mode in display settings which will not only improve your laptop`s battery performance, but will also improve your laptop`s battery health.

3. Turn off keyboard backlight:

laptops especially gaming laptops are equipped with keyboard lights. They give you a better view of the laptop, especially at night. But like other lights, they also consume a lot of energy. So it is a good idea to turn off your keyboard lights when using the battery. It will help you increase the battery life of your laptop.

4. Turn off wifi:

Laptops use a wifi modem to connect with wifi, and they consume a lot of energy to work. So try to use cable internet, or at least turn off your wifi when not in use, especially when you are away from wifi connectivity. By doing this you can easily increase the battery life of your laptop.

5. Battery Charging:

Laptop batteries do work as your mobile batteries. Do not overcharge them. Some people just plug in their device and do not remove it until stops working.

According to laptop manufacturers do not charge your laptop battery until it comes to its minimum level. and immediately unplug it after charge. Overcharging your laptop battery can weaken and damage it. If you activate sleep settings, It will not only stop battery drainage, but will also work as a battery maintenance tool to help imrove your battery charge.

6. Check room temperature:

Too much heat can cause consuming a lot of power. So controlling your room temperature will reduce battery consumption. and increase the battery life of your laptop.

7. Remove all unnecessary hardware:

Additional hardware such as an external keyboard, mouse, or external hard drive must immediately unplug from the laptop to save energy. Instead of a mouse, use the mouse pad. Also, switch off your Bluetooth for a better battery experience.

8. Disable all extra features:

Windows 10 is very huge in size. It contains a lot of functions, which are unnecessary for laptops. Try to identify and disable them. It will not only give you faster windows loading but also longer battery life.


Everybody wants a longer battery life for his/her laptop. It is not a difficult task to master. With the above-mentioned tips, you can easily increase the battery life of your laptop

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